Who we Are?

FINETEX came into being in 2005 as sole proprietorship company when Pakistan exempted from quota which was impose on Pakistan textiles from western world. Company did huge business from European world in textile sector especially in home textile & upholstery fabric within one year. During this period company served to its customers with best quality control and fast deliveries of shipments. In first year of company business turnover remains US$ 2.8 Million.

In 2006 FINETEX sole proprietorship company transformed in individual partnership company and added three partners but its status/class was as individual company not corporate class. It was only registered in FEDERAL BOARD OF REVENUE and company Registrar. Within two years company explored new markets like Baltic States & increased its quality control team for different local regions Faisalabad, Lahore & Karachi. FINETEX business turnover remains US$ 3.6 Million/annum in 2006.

In beginning of 2008 company expended its business in textile sector. After success of Home textile, company launched further development/sourcing for its customers in Terry Towel, Knitted Terry, Garments, Special finishes like Anti bacteria, Anti Fungus, Fire retardant & TEFLON. Company enhanced team circle to manage different product sectors. During this period company business turnover reached US$ 7.6 Million/annum.

In 2008 FINETEX's company status showed in corporate class & registered in different departments of Government of Pakistan. FINETEX company profile totally changed in corporate sector of companies.

FINETEX registered with different department of Pakistan like Securities Exchange Commission of Pakistan Islamabad, 

FINETEX registered in all concern departments like Sales Tax, Income Tax, and Registrar of Companies of Government of Pakistan & also Faisalabad & Multan Chambers of Commerce & industries. All valid certificates are available on request.

From 2008 to 2010 Finetex grown huge business in textile sector and step forward to expend its business in some new products and did much business in South American market. We here after registered our company in Brazil which is the fast growing economy of South American Market. FINETEX started the sales of some other products like Sugar, Coffee, Grains, Surgical, Crockery, rice,Cooking oil and Halal Meat.

Pakistan is rich in, Mango, Orange fruits and other miscellaneous products like rice; latest textile, crockery and surgical products. Finetex registered in Brazil because the Brazil is the biggest producer of sugar, coffee, grains, Halal Meat in the world. So we are doing trading from that market due its vast and self-producing country.

With the passage of time and increasing of products we have access to many markets after EU, America and further South America, Central America, Middle East, Asia and Russia. Now in 2013 FINETEX has made its strong roots in supplying of products in all over the world.