FINETEX Sourcing is a Sourcing & Procurement company serving for overseas importers and exporters and
our commission is to assist the clients in reducing purchasing cost and business risks from all over the world.

Our Service consists of six activities Sourcing Suppliers, Source Evaluation, Selecting Suppliers, Ordering, Monitoring Orders, and Supplier Evaluation, which are illustrated in the following picture:

FINETEX strives to offer localized and world wide procurement solutions to our clients and to become your dedicated buying offices in Pakistan, Brasil, Spain, KSA, Bahrain, China, or as far as our service can go. What FINETEX Sourcing can bring to your business? Can we really save from the supply chain? Yes, we do. Our Services focus on the five parts Cost Control, Risk Control, Supply Control, Quality Control and Relation Management during the procurement. Please see more of our FINETEX Sourcing Service Highlights by emailing us here. Our reputation is built in years, so we commit to offer loyal and valuable services to those who are not familiar with Pakistan, Brasil, KSA, Bahrain, Instead of frowning at your annual expenses numbers, aviating back and forth to deal with the odds and ends of the real buying office, you really can stay to enjoy the low cost, real-time and honest FINETEX Service in your own country. Price advantage -- FINETEX has established strong relationships with lot of manufacturers by purchasing many products for different importers, especially textile products, so our new clients will enjoy the same prices from our partners.

As a foreign importer, it is not easy to judge whether the supplier is a trading company or a manufacturing-based vendor via its website. But as a professional sourcing company, we know it well and we can visit the factory to make sure our clients have lower prices and direct services from the factory. A full set of strict procedures for auditing factories -- FINETEX Sourcing has established comprehensive procedures to evaluate the potential suppliers' status/capability/credit etc. to help our clients seek qualified partners. Rich experience of serving importers -- FINETEX Sourcing has successfully served for several partners in areas of South America/Europe/Asia for over 8 years. Risk controlling ability --the factory get your payment but does not deliver or deliver unsatisfied products. As a local company, FINETEX Sourcing offers local law assistance if any problem occurs; furthermore, FINETEX Sourcing visits suppliers very often to minimize risks.

Besides the sourcing products, what kinds of other services can FINETEX Sourcing provide for importers? Finetex Sourcing provides: FINETEX provide best source for textile, surgical, rice, Mango, Orange, Crockery from Pakistan & also provide best source for sugar, Coffee, Rice, Grains, Cooking Oil from Brazil.

"What are the differences between FINETEX Sourcing and other Trading companies?"

  First of all Finetex give best consultancy in the price of products. FINETEX gives best price &   supply source to the importer. Finetex's main focus in on the price of product as per required quality   and then best supply source according to product. Then Finetex focus on development / and    delivery time.