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Our portfolio of Towel collection has something to suit the tastes of all kinds of connoisseurs in all age groups and in all walks of life. In terms of Fibers, we use 100%Cotton Ring spun, Carded, Combed, OE, Modal, Bamboo, Polyester Cotton, Zero Twist. The collection of towels in fresh and lively colors assures to add character to bathroom of young people; the bold and bright color look makes a contemporary style of their bathroom. Transfer printed towels with photographic images and funky collection complete the range for young ones.

In the "Close to Nature" group , we have a bath room collection of soothing Earthly colors which highlight the natural beauty in a sophisticated manner. Our Nautical collection with seashell motives transforms your bathroom into tranquility of the Beach. Our Bamboo Towel collection is gift to nature lovers, which can take advantage of Anti-bacterial property of Bamboo Fibers. For our esteem customers requiring a formal appearance for bathrooms, we have a plenty of Jacquard Towels made in beautifully detailed patterns. The structured towels with contours, contemporary shapes, and ribbed textures surface give a unique look for innovatively modern and classic bathrooms. Coordinated, embellished and embroidered towels give the stunning, royal and decorated look to the bathroom. Feeling soft and silky, Modal towels add a regal tool & sensual feel to these towels. Zero twist towels complete the extreme luxury collection. In the "Casual Bath Range", a huge collection of contemporary decorated colors is available for our discerning consumers.

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